The Winchester 3.8m x 3.0m Cedar Garden Office or Garden Room


Cedar cladding offers a beautiful and natural finish to the building, which can be left to weather naturally without the need for treatment against rot and decay. The slow grown process means the timber is not as readily available as the softwood equivalents, hence this is reflected in the price of the raw material. The properties of the Cedar cladding is such that each individual piece is different in colour, thus making your building much more natural and unique.

This building has bi-folding doors that are set back within a covered recess, whereas you can also have double doors in U-PVC or timber.

If the standard size is not suitable we can manufacture the offices to suit the size you require. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us or have a look at our Bespoke Range.

The Cedar Garden Office or Garden Room is constructed using 1 1/2" x 3" (38mm x 75mm) selected framing. The framework is built and clad with 16mm x 125mm cedar shiplap cladding on the exterior, providing you with a beautiful finish and long service life .

The interior is lined with 12mm brush grooved plywood, to provide a high quality and attractive finish, with cavity filled 50mm polystyrene insulation. Skirting and appropriate moldings are also fitted to provide a professional finish.

The floor has a 12mm plywood finish, and sits onto 1 1/2" x 3" (38mm x 75mm) tanalised floor joists with 75mm Celotex insulation underneath the plywood. A second level of tanalised bearers lifts the floor away from the concrete base to provide the necessary air flow beneath the building.

Roof Construction

The Cedar Garden Office roof construction comes in the Mono roof version:

Mono Roof

The Mono roof is popular when you want a contemporary look or you are looking for a garden building that is not to obtrusive in the garden

Alternatively, we normally specify the mono roof if you are trying to stay below the 2.5m high planning rule if you are within two metres of your boundary,

The Mono roof comes with either brown or grey polyester felt and now we can offer a metal clad roof for an extended service life.  The Mono roof comes with a standard 400mm overhang to the front and 150mm to the sides.


The mono roof design has guttering to the rear only, or to just one side depending on the slope of the roof.  The guttering in this instance is hidden by using barge boards.


The lights, sockets, and wiring are all in place ready to be connected by a qualified electrician. Standard offices are complete with a consumer unit (with breakers), a light switch, lights (with bulbs & transformers), and sockets, although more can be purchased to suit your requirements.

Please note that all sockets and lights will need a qualified electrician to connect the wiring at both the consumer unit end, and the socket / light end to comply with the current regulations. In addition to this your electrician will also need to connect the electric feed from the external power source to your office.

Standard Specification at a Glance

  •  External Clad -  16mm x 125mm cedar ship lap cladding requiring no maintenance.
  • Heavy Duty Floor - 75mm tantalised framing Celotex plus 15mm plywood floor with a 20mm airgap for air flow.
  • 5 Layer fully insulated and lined wall specificationCedar cladding plus vapour barrier, splash back DPM skirt, 75mm framing with 50mm Celotex and 12mm seamless vertical grooved lining board.
  • Mono Pitched Roof – Mono Roof sloping from front to back with 150mm fall. Ship lap barge boards hide the fall of the roof and the guttering when viewed from the front
  • Ground Work – There are a range of options, Concrete base, timber base or existing hard standing.  For more information please click here or contact us for advice.
  • Bi-Fold Door – The Traditional Garden Office door is a standard width half double glazed door. The standard colour is a brown stain.
  • Windows – The standard window size is 915mm x 915mm and they are double glased casement windows with locking handles.  Other sizes are available on request and the number depends on the size of the building.
  • Insurance recognised locking system to doors and windows – The doors have a multi-lock system and the windows have locking handles
  • Skirting and trims – Skirting is included to floor level and at eaves level.  Trims are included around the doors, window and to the ceiling.
  • FSC Sustainable timber – All timber is from Scandinavian certified and sustainable forests
  • Vapour Barrier – The built in vapour barrier is an essential element of the structure to keep the damp out of the building.
  • Lighting – The building will be supplied with chrome GU10 down lights, the number will depend on the size of the building
  • Sockets and Consumer Unit – The sockets and switches come with chrome face plates.  The Consumer unit comes with two switches, 6amp for the lights and 16amp for the sockets.  It also has an RCD built into it.  Again the number of sockets depends on the size of the building and more can be purchased if required.
  • Roof Overhangs – The Mono roof comes with a 400mm standard overhand to the front (can be altered if required) and 150mm overhand to the sides with guttering to the rear. The pitched roof has a 300mm overhang to the front and rear with 150mm on the gable ends.
  • Guttering – All our garden offices come with either black or brown guttering and down pipes where appropriate.  The mono roof has guttering the rear only and the pitched roof has it fitted to the front and rear

    Available Optional Extras

    • Bespoke Building - This building is one size and is a set specification.  If you wish change the design please have a look at our Bespoke Range of Garden Offices

    Finance and Funding Options

    • Garden Retreat can provide either Hire Purchase or Finance lease options and there is also a large amount of other funding resources available. Please click here for more information on Finance and Funding Options

    Planning Information

    If you require planning information we are happy to advise and support, please click here for further information.

    All prices include installation, VAT, the only additional cost would be delivery which is listed in the table below.

    For further information please either complete the contact form below or call one of our team.




    Avon £175.00
    Anglesey £260.00
    Bedforshire £125.00
    Berkshire £150.00
    Bristol £175.00
    Cambridgeshire £200.00
    Carmarthenshire £275.00
    Cheshire £150.00
    Cleveland £300.00
    Cornwall – Supply Only Price on Application
    Cumbria £350.00
    Denbighshire £175.00
    Derbyshire £125.00
    Devon £250.00
    Dorset £200.00
    Durham £350.00
    Dyfed £250.00
    Essex £200.00
    Gloucestershire £125.00
    Greater London £150.00
    Greater Manchester £150.00
    Gwent £150.00
    Gwynedd £250.00
    Hampshire £150.00
    Herefordshire £125.00
    Hertfordshire £125.00
    Humberside £320.00
    Kent £250.00
    Lancashire £250.00
    Leicestershire £75.00
    Lincolnshire £140.00
    Merseyside £165.00
    Mid Glamorgan £150.00
    Norfolk £250.00
    Northamptonshire £75.00
    Northumberland £400.00
    Nottinghamshire £125.00
    Oxfordshire £50.00
    Pembrokeshire £250.00
    Powys £150.00
    Scotland – Supply Only Price on Application
    Shropshire £125.00
    Somerset £150.00
    Staffordshire £75.00
    Sussex East & West £200.00
    Suffolk £200.00
    Surrey £200.00
    Tyne & Wear £400.00
    Warwickshire £35.00
    West Midlands £40.00
    Wiltshire £125.00
    Worcestershire £75.00
    Yorkshire (South) £150.00
    Yorkshire (North) £230.00

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