The Wrexham 1 44mm Log Cabin – 3.9m x 2.4m – Under 2.5m High

The Wrexham 1 44mm log cabin, 3.9m x 2.4m is a great cabin, it has two rooms, one can be used for leisure and the other for storage.  It has an external solid door to the store area, double half glazed doors to the main room and one double, double glazed premium windows.

The Wrexham 1 is great for solving the need for a useful garden room and shed all in one and it comes under the 2.5m planning rule.

The Wrexham 1 comes with FREE DELIVERY and if you require our installation service please do not hesitate to contact us.

Log Cabin Roof Covering Options

There are 3 options for sealing the roof when ordering your cabin:

1. No roof covering, Customer to purchase their own

If you choose to purchase the cabin you can request to have it delivered without any roof covering. There are some cabins with flat (mono) roofs which we do not recommend either felt tiles or felt. We would suggest either laying an EPDM roofing system or 'torch on' felt roofing.  If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. Bitumen Felt

If you choose the felt option we will supply the appropriate number of rolls with the cabin.

3. Felt Shingle Tiles

We can supply with your new cabin 4 different colours, red, green, brown and black rectangular tiles. We will sent the appropriate number of packs which will also leave you with some spares.


 Red Felt Shingles

Green Felt Shingles

Brown Felt Shingles

Black Felt Shingles

Our Celotex Roof & Floor Insulation Kits

With Zero Condensation Risk

  • Proven to have zero condensation risk – when installed correctly
  • Now supplied with the superb Celotex foil back insulation board – as a standard
  • Improved the thermal  of your building, both in the roof and the floor
  • Easy to fit – no special skills or extra tools required
  • Economical – half the price of other insulation systems and less than half the install time too!  Our special insulation kits employ a warm roof system, which means they are fitted on top of the cabin roof and not underneath. A much neater and effective system and also quick to install. You still see the lovely timber roof joists inside your cabin with no loss of headroom within the cabin either.
  • Our kits allow the existing factory supplied fascia to be used, in most cases (some corner buildings may require new fascia boards due to the increased roof angles involved in fitting the roof kits)
  • We arrange delivery of the insulation kits at the same time as your cabin

How to Install our Celotex Roof & Floor Insulation Kits to Your Log Cabin

1) You will receive all the parts that you will need to insulate the roof and the floor, of your building. Our special tried and tested insulation kits comprise of the following parts:

  • 2.4 m Sawn and treated battens – to form the perimeter around your roof to retain the insulation board
  • 1600 mm wide Reinforced Thermo Reflective and Vapour Control Layer (special silver quilted membrane)
  • Thermo Reflective Aluminium Tape – used to seal all joints in the roof insulation and over the floor joists
  • Insulation Board – a Celotex Foil 2 sides rigid insulation board – 25 mm thick measuring 2400 x 1200 mm
  • 11 mm thick solid sheet boarding (OSB) measuring 2440 x 1220 mm or 2400 x 1200 mm
  • 40 mm screws – only to be used to fit the perimeter batten down to the roof boards and to suspend the floor insulation
  • 50 mm screws – to be used for screwing down through the OSB when on the Celotex and into roof boards & battens.

Here is an image of how your insulation kit might look when it arrives with you. You can see the components that we use in our Celotex insulation kits in this image. We supply,
the Celotex, foil both sides, insulation board, the special VCL (Vapour Control layer) screws in 40 mm and 50 mm length, the 25 x 38 treated battens and thermo reflective
aluminium tape.


2) Build your log cabin as you usually would but leave the internal floor fitting for now.

Fit your roof boards as usual but do not felt or fit shingle tiles yet.

This image shows the log cabin roof boarded with the t & g roof boards, supplied with a typical log cabin. These are usually 18 mm – 20 mm thick in good quality buildings.

3) The sawn treated perimeter batten needs fixing to your roof. The batten is provided in 2.4 m lengths for ease of handling.

Start at the front left hand corner of your roof. Fit the batten with the 38 mm wide face lying down flat on your roof and flush with the edge of your roof. Fix through into the roof boards with the 40 mm long screws.  Do this all along the perimeter of your roof, including up the gable ends to the ridge point.  The battens will now fully edge the roof.

You can see the perimeter edge batten fixed on this log cabin at the bottom of the roof and the gable ends to the ridge. They can be fitted on top of the membrane too to help hold it flat on the roof. This will stop it lifting in the wind, whilst you complete the insulation kit installation.


4) After fitting the perimeter batten, you then need to fit the special membrane over the whole roof. Fit the membrane with a minimum of 100 mm of overlap. Then tape all the joints and seams with the foil tape provided. This seals the roof fully.

5) Once the roof is covered with the special membrane, then the fitting of the 25 mm insulation board is the next step. This is a simple task of dropping in the full size sheets flush up against the internal edges of the perimeter batten and onto the roof. The perimeter has created a lip for you to then infill the whole area with the insulation board. Cutting of the sheets to size to fill in the area will be required. This is easily achieved with a Stanley knife by scoring across the board front and rear and snapping it over a straight edge, by using a saw, or just scoring it through and through until the board is cut fully.

Here you can see a roof fully fitted with the insulation board and the joints all taped up with the foil tape. Then next the OSB board needs fitting over the top of the insulation board.

6) Once the roof is fully fitted with the insulation board then you need to tape up all the joints and seams. As showing in the image above. This in effect gives you one giant sheet of insulation covering your whole roof area.

7) The next job is to fit the 11 mm thick solid sheet roof boarding (OSB) over the top of the insulation. Fit your first whole sheet flush with a bottom edge and the leading up to the ridge. Screw the board edge into the roof batten and roof board below using 50mm screws. When screwing in the 50 mm screws they should be screwed only just below the surface of the solid sheet board. The 50 mm screws are specifically supplied so you can screw the board and fix the system together and into your original log cabin roof but not through the roof to the underside. If you screw the 50 mm screws deep into the top board, it is likely that you will see the tip of the screw in your roof from the inside of the building and you don’t want that, so it is important to only screw the screws in just far enough into the top solid sheet board.

Here you can see the roof almost completed and ready for the felt or felt shingle tiles to be fitted. You should lay full size OSB sheets where you can and then fill in the spaces left with smaller cut to size boards. You can see that smaller infill’s need to be cut to fill the roof area. The solid sheet boards can be cut to size using a handsaw, jigsaw or circular/skill saw.

8) With the roof fully finished and boarded over it is time to fit your felt and/or felt shingle roof tiles, as recommended in your assembly plans for your cabin. 


9) Now onto Insulating your floor.

The insulation board provided is 25mm thick. The insulation board needs to be fitted below yourfloor boards but must be off the ground to prevent moisture rising up from the floor into your cabin. Using the40mm and/or 50mm screws, fix these 30mm below the top of your floor joist andand about 600mm apart. The screws then act as supports onto which you push down the insulation board. Theboard is then suspended in between your floor joists and on top of the screws.You will need to cut the insulation board to the width of the void in your floor joists.The insulation board can be easily cut to the size required with a stanley knife or similar blade.

Once you have filled in between all the floor joists with the insulation board, then you should tape all the joints and seams using the foil tape provided.

Here are some images of one a log cabin floor having being insulated.

Once the insulation has begun between the floor joists, you should begin laying your cabin floor boards. If you lay part of the insulation in the floor and then board over it with your cabin floor boards you won’t need to worry about standing on the insulation board and accidentally pushing down past the screws and damaging it. Do the insulating and the laying of the floor boards
simultaneously, for the best results.


Our Superb Celotex Roof & Floor Insulation Kits – Job Done!

Log Cabin Installation

Garden Retreat have been installing log cabins around the UK for many years.  We have a number of professional installers situated around the UK. This not only gives you a professional local presence but if in the event you ever have a problem they will be there on hand to assist.

Over the years we have gained a lot of tips and tricks to ensure you receive a quality installation and long service life of the building. If you decide to install the building yourself we would be happy to assist by telephone and you will receive a very comprehensive installation guide.  If you would like to receive an installation guide for a cabin please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are log cabin installer and would like the opportunity to work on behalf of Garden Retreat please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Log Cabin Delivery

Once you have paid for your new log cabin our logistics department will contact you to discuss the delivery of your new cabin.
The normal lead time for our log cabins is 2 to 3 weeks although this can vary depending on the time of year, the model you have chosen or where you are located, but 2 to 3 weeks is the average.

Our Logistics Department will discuss with you when to expect your log cabin, if there are any restrictions or possible problems that may occur and make sure there are no issues.

The log cabin will be supplied to you on a large pallet via the use of a hi-ab on the back of a lorry. The cabin is very well packed in plastic and we will require an area, either on the drive or the garden within the reach of the hi-ab.

Once you have received your cabin you are then able to unpack and build at your leisure. If you require any further information on the delivery of your log cabin please do not hesitate to contact us.

Finance and Funding Options

  • Garden Retreat can provide either Hire Purchase or Finance lease options and there is also a large amount of other funding resources available. Please click here for more information on Finance and Funding Options

Planning Information

If you require planning information we are happy to advise and support, please click here for further information.

For further information please either complete the contact form below or call one of our team.

Installation Instructions

The Wrexham 1 Log Cabin Installation Instructions

Garden Retreat Log Cabin Brochure


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