Winchester Timber Framed Classrooms

In general terms, the design of the buildings are governed by the size of the roof trusses.

We are able to supply & fit buildings up to 7m deep quite comfortably as these trusses fit inside our 7.5 tonnes curtain side lorries. Based on these trusses, we can accommodate buildings up to 20m x 7m. (Please contact us if you need a wider version as we will need to include partitions) 

We have erected larger buildings, the largest having 10m trusses, however, these buildings require  posts to support the trusses

Prices for these buildings are on application and subject to the specifications that you require. We can give you a guide if you indicate one that you have seen in the gallery. 

The first image is a Classroom built and installed in London and is now the Childrens' favourite place to be taught and is based on the 

The Winchester Contemporary Garden Offices and Garden Rooms



Avon £175.00
Anglesey £260.00
Bedforshire £125.00
Berkshire £150.00
Bristol £175.00
Cambridgeshire £200.00
Carmarthenshire £275.00
Cheshire £150.00
Cleveland £300.00
Cornwall – Supply Only Price on Application
Cumbria £350.00
Denbighshire £175.00
Derbyshire £125.00
Devon £250.00
Dorset £200.00
Durham £350.00
Dyfed £250.00
Essex £200.00
Gloucestershire £125.00
Greater London £150.00
Greater Manchester £150.00
Gwent £150.00
Gwynedd £250.00
Hampshire £150.00
Herefordshire £125.00
Hertfordshire £125.00
Humberside £320.00
Kent £250.00
Lancashire £250.00
Leicestershire £75.00
Lincolnshire £140.00
Merseyside £165.00
Mid Glamorgan £150.00
Norfolk £250.00
Northamptonshire £75.00
Northumberland £400.00
Nottinghamshire £125.00
Oxfordshire £50.00
Pembrokeshire £250.00
Powys £150.00
Scotland – Supply Only Price on Application
Shropshire £125.00
Somerset £150.00
Staffordshire £75.00
Sussex East & West £200.00
Suffolk £200.00
Surrey £200.00
Tyne & Wear £400.00
Warwickshire £35.00
West Midlands £40.00
Wiltshire £125.00
Worcestershire £75.00
Yorkshire (South) £150.00
Yorkshire (North) £230.00

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