Winchester Timber Framed Retail Units

In general terms, the design of the buildings are governed by the size of the roof trusses.

We are able to supply & fit buildings up to 7m deep quite comfortably as these trusses fit inside our 7.5 tonnes curtain side lorries. Based on these trusses, we can accommodate buildings up to 20m x 7m. (Please contact us if you need a wider version as we will need to include partitions) 

We have erected larger buildings, the largest having 10m trusses, however, these buildings require  posts to support the trusses

Prices for these buildings are on application and subject to the specifications that you require. We can give you a guide if you indicate one that you have seen in the gallery. 


100mm x 38mm Planed (Eased Edged) framing.

We use selected timber with a very high grade, which is subject to less twisting and warping, to provide a sound base to start from. Higher grade timber is slower grown to provide more strength.

FSC Timber

FSC is from certified Forest Stewardship Council forests, meaning that the timber is sustainable (usually from Scandinavian Forests).

Tanalised Shiplap Cladding (125mm x 16mm)

The majority of our garages are constructed with shiplap cladding. The cladding itself appears similar to tongue and groove, except the internal part of the groove is missing from the profile. The basis behind shiplap is it allows a certain amount of natural movement to take place throughout the change in seasons. In relation to this, we have developed our own profile of shiplap with a large overlap and tongue, which offers more protection to the building, thus increasing the lifespan. The cladding itself is tanalised (E-tanalith) to provide a rot resistant finish for over 25 years.

One advantage of shiplap is that it has a planed finish, and it also provides a near flat finish. This helps when fitting items such as hinges and door furniture.

By tanalising the timber with E-Tanalith, we are protecting against rot & decay for 25+ years.

Plywood & Paper Lining

Initially we used to paper line the buildings with bitumen vapour barrier, to ensure the rainwater didn't soak into the building, however we found the paper will crinkle during the summer once it is dry. We therefore provide an additional skin of plywood to line the outside of the framing. In addition to the improved appearance, it provides extra rigidity and insulation, which is ideal for classic cars & bikes.


Should you wish to have windows you can choose any of the designs and sizes from the Winchester Range


Should you wish to have doors or garage doors you can choose any of the designs and sizes from the Winchester Range

Bolted to Base

The customer is required to construct a concrete base (or this can be provided by Garden Retreat) of 150mm compacted hardcore, and 100mm concrete. If laying a new base, we would recommend that a DPM (damp proof membrane) is laid between the two. If you have an existing base, it is not necessary to dig up and lay a membrane. Once the concrete is set, a single layer of bricks is required around the perimeter (set to a plan provided by Garden Retreat). We recommend the concrete is larger all round (by 50mm) than the plan indicating the brick course.  This stops the concrete breaking out when the garage is bolted through the engineering brick into the concrete base.

The sections of the garage sit on top of the brick course and are complete with a damp proof course. Our fitters will drill through the bottom rail of the building and into the concrete, and fix the building in place.

If you require a quotation on the base or further information and advice please do not heitate to contact us.

Roof Construction

Standard roofing is heavy duty 38kg Green Mineral Felt onto 12mm O.S.B. Boarding. The boarding is fitted onto 50mm x 125mm joists (purlins), spaced at 2' centres. We can provide alternative roof coverings (please see options below). Should you require Onduline roof sheets - please note, we recommend sterling board underneath, because without the boarding it is liable to condensate during the winter.

The standard option of roof is O.S.B. (Sterling Board) with a heavy duty (38kg) green mineral felt covering. The life expectancy of this product is 6-8 years. This felt is included in the standard price for the buildings.

Should you wish to upgrade the roofing for cosmetic reasons or to increase the time between maintenance, we offer the following options.

Coloured Polyester Felt - This is available in the same colours as our Felt Tiles (Brown & Grey), and has a life expectancy of about 15 years. Please note this is only available on buildings up to 7m in length.

Black Onduline Roofing. - This has a corrugated profile and is compressed felt & bitumen, giving a life expectancy of 15 years. The standard colour is black, although other colours are available. Onduline has the benefit of offering a clear roof sheet to allow light, however we recommend sterling board is fitted on the roof before the Onduline to prevent condensation.

Felt Tile Roof. - These are sheets of felt that have a profile of 4 individual tiles within the sheet. They overlap each other and are staggered to provide a tiled effect roof. In addition to the tiles, underlay felt is laid over the boarding beforehand to provide a secondary skin. Angled tin and additional felt strips are fitted to the gables to prevent water ingress, thus providing a life expectancy of over 15 years.

Cedar tiles - These make a beautiful addition to any of our buildings, long lasting and they are set out on battening with under felt

Tapco Slate tiles. - These tiles have a life expectancy of 50 years and look fantastic as a lightweight replacement slate tile, follow the link to find out more about 'Tapco Slate'

Tiled Roof Option. - Should you require a tiled roof for planning reasons, we would be able to provide and fit the roof trusses (at 600mm centres) with a 30 degree pitch. We clad the gable ends for you, and fit the trusses in place, however a local tiler will need to batten & tile the roof, plus fit the soffits & guttering.

For further details & prices, please contact us


Not only do overhangs improve the appearance of the garages, they are important as they offer protection to the sides of the buildings. We include guttering as standard in either brown or black to allow rainwater to be easily collected and re-used, along with the obvious protective benefits.


Electrics can be provided by Garden Retreat, if you require a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.

Standard Specification at a Glance

  • External Clad -  16mm x 125mm tanalised shiplap cladding requiring no maintenance for 25 years.
  • 3 Layer triple lined external wall – Ship lap cladding plus vapour barrier, splash back DPM skirt, 4mm plywood lining all double nailed onto 100mm x 38mm timber framing.
  • Vapour Barrier – The built in vapour barrier is an essential element of the structure to keep the damp out of the building.
  • 100mm Framing - Sandinavian Redwood, slow grown which provides a closer grain to provide structural strength and rigidity.
  • Vents in gable End - Ventilation is essential to enable the timber structure to breath naturally.
  • Doors - Should you wish to have doors or garage doors you can choose any of the designs and sizes from the Winchester Range
  • WindowsShould you wish to have windows you can choose any of the designs and sizes from the Winchester Range.
  • Standard Roofing - for heavy duty use, 125mm timber purlins with 12mm OSB3 boarding followed by heavy duty 38kg green mineral felt roof.
  • FSC Sustainable timber – All timber is from Scandinavian certified and sustainable forests.
  • Standard Overhangs - 300mm to the front and back, 150mm to gable ends.  The overhangs can be altered if required if in the event there are space restrictions or you may wish to increase the front overhang and incorporate decking and a balustrade.
  • Ground Work – There are a range of options, Concrete base, timber base or existing hard standing.  For more information please click here or contact us for advice.
  • 2.5m High Garden Buildings - our timber garden buildings are generally designed to be over 2.5m high. If the building needs to be 2.5m to the ridge height we can redesign the roof trusses to suit.

          Available Optional Extras

          • 2.5m to Ridge - Reduce the ridge height to suit planning regulations.
          • Cedar Clad - instead of our standard cladding we can replace with 12mm x 100mm cedar cladding.
          • Increase Pitch - to 25 Degrees.
          • 30 Degree Trusses - For tiled roofs.
          • Felt Tiles -  in slate grey or red/brown with under felt.
          • Metal Roof - supplied in a range of colours.
          • Onduline - Supplied in a range of colours onto OSB3 (Stirling Board).
          • Cedar Shingles - long lasting and beautiful includes under felt and battening.
          • Tapco Slate Roof - supplied and fitted onto under felt.
          • Windows - We have a large range of window designs, materials and glazing options.
          • Doors - We have a large range of window designs, materials and glazing options.

          Finance and Funding Options

          • Garden Retreat can provide either Hire Purchase or Finance lease options and there is also a large amount of other funding resources available. Please click here for more information on Finance and Funding Options

          Planning Information

          If you require planning information we are happy to advise and support, please click here for further information.

          All prices include installation, VAT, the only additional cost would be delivery which is listed in the table below.

          For further information please either complete the contact form below or call one of our team.



          Avon £175.00
          Anglesey £260.00
          Bedforshire £125.00
          Berkshire £150.00
          Bristol £175.00
          Cambridgeshire £200.00
          Carmarthenshire £275.00
          Cheshire £150.00
          Cleveland £300.00
          Cornwall – Supply Only Price on Application
          Cumbria £350.00
          Denbighshire £175.00
          Derbyshire £125.00
          Devon £250.00
          Dorset £200.00
          Durham £350.00
          Dyfed £250.00
          Essex £200.00
          Gloucestershire £125.00
          Greater London £150.00
          Greater Manchester £150.00
          Gwent £150.00
          Gwynedd £250.00
          Hampshire £150.00
          Herefordshire £125.00
          Hertfordshire £125.00
          Humberside £320.00
          Kent £250.00
          Lancashire £250.00
          Leicestershire £75.00
          Lincolnshire £140.00
          Merseyside £165.00
          Mid Glamorgan £150.00
          Norfolk £250.00
          Northamptonshire £75.00
          Northumberland £400.00
          Nottinghamshire £125.00
          Oxfordshire £50.00
          Pembrokeshire £250.00
          Powys £150.00
          Scotland – Supply Only Price on Application
          Shropshire £125.00
          Somerset £150.00
          Staffordshire £75.00
          Sussex East & West £200.00
          Suffolk £200.00
          Surrey £200.00
          Tyne & Wear £400.00
          Warwickshire £35.00
          West Midlands £40.00
          Wiltshire £125.00
          Worcestershire £75.00
          Yorkshire (South) £150.00
          Yorkshire (North) £230.00

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